The Fundación Patrimonio Natural de Castilla y León (FPNCyL) presented the results of its contribution to the European project Ecoval Sudoe, which is focused on the recovery of sludge and biostabilised organic waste.

See the full programme here.


This event, which took place in an on-line format, started at 12:00 with a short general presentation of the Ecoval Sudoe project, which you can consult here. Subsequently, the results obtained from the research study on the valorisation of sewage sludge by-products and biostabilised sludge were presented in two phases.


Firstly, the results derived from the study of the effect on soil microbiology after the use of three types of amendments obtained from organic waste were shown, you can read the presentation here. Then, the affection to the physico-chemical conditions of the soil after the application of these three types of amendments was shown, click here to read it. Finally, the event concluded with an open question and answer session to discuss the results of the research.


The FPNCyL organised this event as part of the final campaign to disseminate the results of the Ecoval Sudoe project, which will end in 2023. In addition, this same organisation is currently carrying out the third and last awareness-raising workshop in schools in Palencia with the aim of raising awareness among the new generations about the importance of the correct separation of organic waste in order to create a more sustainable and circular future.